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4me is a SaaS-based IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software vendor.

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4me is a modern, SaaS-based enterprise service management platform that combines ITSM, ESM and Service Integration & Management (SIAM) capabilities that are radically easy to deploy and manage compared to traditional vendors. Built for mid-market, enterprise and externally managed service providers, 4me’s end-to-end solution helps to enable all internal departments, such as IT, HR and Facilities to work seamlessly with each other. 4me’s platform strengths, such as quick time-to-value, complete visibility and control of technology, and service cost and quality, are enjoyed by hundreds of customers.

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Santa Barbara, CA
“I love product businesses that are technically differentiated and able to build incredible customer experiences. We’ve got a combination of a great product, a large market and a passionate team – so I’m excited about what we can accomplish together!”
— Kevin McGibben, CEO at 4me

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Over 300 organizations use 4me to support 2 million employees!

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