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LogicMonitor’s cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring platform helps businesses run seamlessly.

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LogicMonitor expands what’s possible for businesses by advancing the technology behind them. The company is shaping the information revolution through monitoring, which unlocks new pathways to growth. LogicMonitor's cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring and observability platform helps businesses turn on a complete view in minutes, turn the dial from optimization to innovation and turn the corner from sight to vision.

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Santa Barbara, CA
"We're in a dynamic market in the infrastructure technology industry; things move fast so if you aren't innovative you can't thrive. As a SaaS platform, we deliver new software every month and have built AI & ML into fundamental differentiators of our software. So we are innovating every day!"
— Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor

CEO Quick Take with Kevin McGibben

Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.

Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.

Did you know?

LogicMonitor’s platform monitors approximately 3 billion metrics per day as of April 2020.

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