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Meal Ticket is a digital marketing and analytics platform in the foodservice industry.

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Meal Ticket works with foodservice manufacturers and distributors to deliver an integrated software platform that enhances lead management generation, strengthens both supplier and customer relationships, and increases sales through data-driven decisions.

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Boise, ID
"The Covid19 crisis has demonstrated the power and importance of software in the future of every industry. Food service has been no exception, and this has put Meal Ticket in a mission critical position with our suite of software for the distributors and suppliers that want to compete in this new paradigm. Our customers need our tools and data to run their businesses and successfully go to market, and that critical nature will continue to deepen as we grow and as our products mature. We believe we are well positioned for the future, with a strong, diverse base of customers and an incredible team to execute."
— Wink Jones, CEO of Meal Ticket

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As of January 2020, Meal Ticket manages over $40 billion in annualized sales transactions for its customers.

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