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Tiugo Technologies brings together market-leading developer platforms to help them scale.

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Tiugo is assembling a complementary collection of global, API-first developer platforms focused on document and data management to help them accelerate growth, increase operating efficiency, and fund add-on acquisitions. Backed by PSG, Tiugo's family of companies work together to offer differentiated solutions that seek to drive dramatic usage growth, enable digitized workflows for online content creation and facilitate increasingly-efficient online collaboration across remote workforces.

Year Invested
Boston, MA
"We believe there is an enormous, rapidly growing market for tools that help developers build innovative, ground-breaking software. Our goal for Tiugo is to offer a suite of global developer platforms to help software companies scale. By partnering with PSG, we're able to help our portfolio companies grow faster, operate more efficiently and create more value together than they can alone."
— Mark Hatton, CEO of Tiugo Technologies

Did you know?

CKSource, an enterprise-grade rich-text editing and document collaboration headquartered in Warsaw, Poland was acquired by Tiugo Technologies in May 2022.

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