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Vertical Knowledge is a robotic process automation (RPA) platform—built for data.

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Vertical Knowledge is a gateway to open-source data. The company empowers its customers to expand beyond the data they know to the data that they never knew existed. What traditional RPA companies do for internal data, Vertical Knowledge’s solutions accomplish for data external to the enterprise. The company’s robotic processes identify, collect and enrich open-source data and deliver it to customers in a compliant, consistent and structured manner. Vertical Knowledge enables customers to leverage the art of the possible with open-source data.

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Chagrin Falls, OH
"Post-deal, PSG has provided invaluable support, helping us evolve our finance and operations functions into a top-notch competitor."
— Matt Carpenter, CEO of Vertical Knowledge

Did you know?

We believe the power of data is with the people - they just don’t have the means to access it – yet.

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