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Psg about hero

A unique approach

PSG invests in growth-stage software businesses and the founders and management teams that drive them. We know that every mile on their journey comes one successful step, decision, hire or investment at a time.

A tried and tested strategy

A successful investment strategy is like a muscle. You strengthen it through intentional and regular repetition. Exercising our strategy time and again has led us to a clear sweet spot: helping entrepreneurs navigate and capitalize on transformational growth.

We partner with software companies that are ready to step on the accelerator, as they've reached an inflection point through demonstrated product-market fit, rapid organic growth and customer focus.

We aim to be a true extension of your business – our sourcing, investment and operations teams work in concert with management teams to deliver new avenues for expansion and impact.

A team you can rely on

Scaling a business takes vision, skill, persistence and deeply-held confidence in the direction you’re heading. We’re right there with you. Our people are approachable and tenacious, collaborative and bold. Most of all, we love what we do. Meet the team that digs deep to help drive your business forward.

Psg about team you can rely on

PSG Growth Engine

We’re passionate about supporting dynamic teams in their quest to reach the top of their fields.

At the core is our management team, leading the charge and executing on strategy. Our sourcing team canvasses the world of software to identify growth areas for the business. Our investment team trains its expertise and competitive spirit on guiding companies to new opportunities. And innovation is key for our operations team as they help to see around corners and maximize performance.

Together, we’re the PSG growth engine.

Investment thesis

The PSG team collaborates with management teams during the pre-investment phase to strengthen relationships, align on vision and complete the investment thesis, which includes growth drivers and new opportunity areas.

This cooperation helps fortify the overall business strategy and identify the areas where PSG can be most helpful.

Value Creation Initiatives

Value Creation Initiatives (VCIs) are PSG’s best practices platform. They leverage PSG’s combined experience of decades of working with and supporting growth stage software businesses, and the shared experience of our platform companies.

VCIs act as a blueprint to help fast-track important growth and improvement areas. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so VCIs are tailored to fit the unique opportunities and challenges of each company.

Organic Growth

We believe strong organic growth is the lifeblood of any successful software company. The PSG team helps software companies amplify and fine-tune existing growth strategies while identifying new avenues for growth.

In addition to our sourcing, investment and operations teams, PSG Senior Advisors and a robust network of third-party partners deliver added leverage and industry expertise to help companies scale and win.

Add-on acquisitions

Add-on acquisitions are an important component of the PSG Growth Engine. The PSG team works closely with management teams to formulate an acquisition strategy and to identify target markets, verticals and companies.

Once the strategy and targets are in place, we leverage a well-tested methodology for acquiring and then integrating new businesses across go-to-market, finance, talent and technology to help minimize distraction and maximize growth.

Continuous improvement

Leveraging value creation initiatives to execute strong organic growth and an acquisition strategy takes market leadership, focus and hard work.

A software business at scale sustains its success through continuous improvement with a focus on changing customer needs, product development and team culture. The PSG team is with you every step of the way.

Best practices for success

Building a business is a team endeavor. That’s why we’ve assembled an operations team with both deep experience in growth-stage software businesses and a collaborative, “let’s make it happen” mindset.

With PSG’s value creation initiatives (VCIs), we offer playbooks—alongside custom solutions and resources—to help optimize the most important areas of your business. VCIs leverage the scale of our portfolio and the expertise of our team to remove hurdles, capitalize on opportunities and guide your growth.


  • Sales compensation
  • Best practices for CRM systems
  • Scaling a sales organization

Financial Performance

  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Operating model
  • Finance team build

Product Leadership

  • Organizational design
  • Product management
  • Product integrations

Talent Development

  • Recruiting
  • Executive leadership
  • Training and development

Customer Success

  • Renewals and expansion sales
  • Support metrics and reporting
  • Organization design

Acquisition Integration

  • Gating factors
  • Integration plan
  • Onboarding

Software Development

  • Infrastructure and architecture optimization
  • Best practice guidance
  • Predictability and process thought leadership

Exit Preparedness

  • Proforma financials
  • Synergy tracking
  • Market size
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Start strong finish stronger

With a laser focus, a practical perspective and a creative approach, we provide capital and expertise to software companies that are leading the charge in digital innovation. We’ll support you as you build upon your strengths, and you’ll find expansion and impact at a scale beyond what you imagined. We know a growth journey often follows a winding path, which is why we’re there to uncover every opportunity. That’s how we help you finish stronger.