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Responsibility Hero

Inspired to do good

PSG supports caring efforts—big and small—in earnest. Learn more about the people and initiatives that we work with to build a better, more promising future.

“The people at PSG are great business partners of mine and much better friends than anything else. We’re colleagues together. They’re equally as interested in what I’m doing off the field as what I’m doing on the field.”
— Matt Combs, Tentacle CEO

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Our responsibility

​Our commitment to encouraging growth goes beyond our day jobs. With the same passion we have for partnering with companies in the software industry, we look for opportunities to foster initiatives we believe better people's lives and society as a whole. To support this goal, PSG has implemented several initiatives at both the fund and the portfolio company level, ranging from corporate citizenship and social justice initiatives to improvements in cybersecurity.

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Partners with purpose

Website JJMS


PSG recently helped the JJMS orphanage open a new 60,000-square-foot facility on about 25 acres in QwaQwa, South Africa. This expansion allows JJMS to provide shelter, meals, education, medical services, clothing and spiritual guidance for 250 children — more than three times what’s what was possible at the original location.

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Website Social Justice

Social Justice

We want everyone in our community to have every opportunity to thrive. If we want to see real and lasting change for our BIPOC community—those who have always felt the burden of systemic racism—we must educate ourselves and find ways to take action. Our goal is to better understand the issues, have open conversations and work toward a more equitable world.

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Wesbite Project Safehouse

Project Safehouse

PSG has teamed up with Tentacle CEO Matt Combs, Patrick Arop, Patrick’s village and so many other great people to deliver safe homes, reliable resources and hope for a better future in Uganda. Brick by brick, we’ve worked together to create Project Safehouse.​

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Committed to our community

We prize action inside and outside of PSG’s walls, which is why we make it a priority to get out and help our communities. Whether it’s running a charity race, mentoring kids or answering a call for help, we work to contribute to the common good.

For the next generation​

We’re committed to lifting up every person in our community. As part of that pledge, we work with organizations like Social Venture Partners (SVP), Cristo Rey Boston and Year Up on education and social justice initiatives.

Committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

PSG is committed to building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where all employees prosper, every portfolio company is more inclusive and each community we engage with is supported. We are working to foster DEI at PSG in a number of ways, including by hiring and retaining a more diverse workforce; promoting education and awareness for our team; being a resource to our portfolio companies to help them integrate DEI into their systems and processes; and by partnering with organizations that aim to foster diversity, including with SEO Career and Synergist. We are proud to be an ILPA Diversity in Action (DIA) signatory.

For those in immediate need​

We want our neighbors to know we’re always there with helping hands. Our donations to Boston Children’s Hospital and The Women’s Lunch Place, along with volunteer efforts at The Outreach Program, have supported their efforts as they treat patients, fight hunger and care for our community.

For pioneering, life-changing research

​We’re people of action, and we want to use our competitive spirit to better the lives of our friends and family facing illnesses. PSG has fielded teams in the Pan-Mass Challenge, the New England Parkinson’s Ride and various events for The American Cancer Society to benefit medical research.