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MAPAL Group is the home of some of the best-in-class hospitality management applications.

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MAPAL Group empowers hospitality people to do more of what they love, even better. The company's applications improve the performance of hospitality brands and people through intuitive technology solutions within a state-of-the-art hospitality operating system, delivering game-changing innovation to streamline and automate processes through owned and partner solutions. Equity applications include workforce, learning, reputation, facilities, operations and analytics tools. MAPAL Group operates throughout Europe and Latin America.

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Madrid, Spain & Edinburgh, UK
"PSG is helping make our product vision possible by facilitating acquisitions of great solutions for our platform, supporting us in recruiting top-class talent and extraordinarily expediting our learning curve as the company grows internationally."
— Jorge Lurueña, CEO of MAPAL Group

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CEO Quick Take with Jorge Lurueña

Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.


Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.

Did you know?

MAPAL Group solutions are used by more than 43,000 hospitality sites in over 50 countries as of November 2020.

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