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Versatile Credit's software guides consumers through a seamless point of sale financing experience.

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Versatile offers an omnichannel platform for merchants and lenders to help connect with consumers at points-of-sale. By simplifying consumer access to a variety of credit products during check out, Versatile provides solutions for immediate purchasing needs through a branded financing experience and market insights through robust data & analytics products.

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Mechanicsburg, PA
“Versatile's credit aggregation solution provides access to credit for consumers regardless of their credit profile. Through our relationships with more than 35 lenders, we allow merchants and service providers to deliver point of sale financing options to their clientele. PSG's domain knowledge will help us further accelerate our growth and build on our leadership position in consumer finance technology.”
— Ed O'Donnell, CEO at Versatile Credit

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Did you know?

Since January of 2020, Versatile platform has facilitated more than $20 Billion in approved credit.

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