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Nextlane is leading the digitalization of Europe’s automotive industry.

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Nextlane relies on its 40 years of experience in automotive distribution to build a complete, consistent digital IT platform for this market. With DMS, CRM, websites and business intelligence modules, the company offers a global and open solution to address the two main customer journeys: car sales and after-sales. Nextlane’s software and services are available for multi-brand dealer groups and for car manufacturers who want dedicated solutions for their networks. The company operates across and outside of Europe, and works through subsidiaries or partners to adapt to local specificities and provide responsive services.

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Madrid, Spain
"Nextlane's ambition aims to provide an innovative and reliable digital ecosystem to help achieve digital excellence in the automotive industry. We enable our customers to manage their digital business with agility to adapt to the rapid changes transforming this sector."
— Hartmut Wagner, CEO at Nextlane

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Did you know?

As of August 2023, Nextlane operates through 11 subsidiaries in Europe and serves more than 68,000 users.

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