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Validity is one of the most trusted names in customer data quality.

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For more than 20 years, organizations across the world have relied on Validity solutions to target, contact, engage and keep customers, using trustworthy data as a key advantage. Validity’s flagship products – DemandTools, BriteVerify, Trust Assessments, Everest and GridBuddy – are solutions for CRM data management, email address verification, inbox deliverability and avoiding the spam folder, and grid CRM applications. These solutions aim to deliver smarter campaigns, more qualified leads, more productive sales and ultimately faster growth.

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Boston, MA
"All of us in the Validity family value trust and integrity above all else. Our culture is about doing the right thing, and helping our customers grow faster by doing the right thing with their customer data all while embracing high-performance, ethical marketing. I knew we had a perfect fit with these values and our partnership with PSG has been outstanding since the beginning. From strategic guidance to support with tactical projects around managing the fast growth we have experienced at Validity, the PSG team has always been right by my side."
— Mark Briggs, CEO of Validity

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CEO Quick Take with Mark Briggs

Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.


Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.

Did you know?

Since May 2019, Validity has Certified over 454 billion emails, greatly increasing the performance of those campaigns with the world’s leading mailbox providers.

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Vault Verify seeks to securely automate requests for verification of employment and income for HR departments.